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Home Industry Bakery began over 100 years ago as a small shop in which residents of the town would bring their homemade goods for exchange and resale. This continued until an unfortunate fire destroyed that building, and the bakery eventually relocated to Main Street in Clarksburg, WV.

In 1984, having been married for nearly ten years and having two small children at home, Mike and Pam Harris took a jump of faith and made a decision to become the new business owners of Home Industry Bakery. They faced trials along the way, having been turned down by three different banks for financing. With the help of the couple's parents, they eventually got approved (also to thank being the SBA which worked with the Harris' on different programs that helped tremendously) and began their journey. They started out with a location on Main Street when they faced another obstacle; their landlord abruptly terminating their lease. They then moved their equipment, their products, their entire business to an establishment on South 3rd Street where they have resided for nearly 25 years.


Initially, their business consisted majorly of retail offerings; however, the next few years would bring their first wholesale accounts. Pam, (which by this time was the mom to three), worked countless days driving to stores with samples, essentially selling their product... although we believe it has always sold itself. Their first delivery vehicle would be their personal Ford Escort station wagon. At that time, they employed roughly 10 people, all of which worked on one shift and produced nearly 20 dozen pepperoni rolls a day.

Fast forward 30+ years later; we have grown to have around 400 customers (including stores in WV, OH, MD and PA), we have six loyal delivery drivers that supply our product to each customer while working Monday through Friday, we have an average of 30 employees year round, and our work load has grown to making more than 1,000 dozen pepperoni rolls daily. We have since moved from our 1,500 square foot location on South Third Street to an amazing 6,000 square foot location on Mount Clare Road. We couldn't begin to explain how proud of how far we have come. It has been a dream come true, and our success is due to every single person that has supported us over the years and we want to thank all of you. We look forward to continuing to service and grow with our community. Thanks for being a part of our journey! Here is to the next 30+ years!

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