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Are we ever going to move?

We have heard this question countless times. In addition to, "What's going on with this new building?", "When are you leaving Clarksburg?", "Are you still planning to move?" Well I'm here to finally answer these questions. I had hoped to keep you all updated more throughout this journey. I'm sorry I haven't been doing so, leaving so many questions unanswered in the process.

Our plans for our big move began when we purchased the old Secret furniture building in Hepzibah, West Virginia. It seemed like such a great step forward, and it was. We were aware the building was not in a condition to be salvaged, so our only option was to tear it down and rebuild. Upon further work within the building, we found some things which required extra maintenance before we could even demolish and haul away. This in itself was an added expense we were not planning for.

Fast forward to the building being gone and the hole in the ground it left behind, we began talking with contractors getting quotes for construction from the ground up. They were great plans which included a drive thru, employee and customer parking, a store front, a larger production area... we were even going to have space to begin doing cupcakes and cakes again. With great plans came an even greater cost. We all spent so long looking at these numbers, wondering if it was the right path for our business. We talked within our family, talked to our friends, and prayed on it hoping for guidance or maybe some sort of "sign."

Our "sign" came over a year later when someone contacted us regarding a building for sale on Mount Clare Road, close to Custer addition. It was everything we were wanting to build in Hepzibah. Complete with concrete floors throughout, more than enough room to suit our needs, and what was even greater was how manageable it was for our budget. So we pursued this building and have been renovating it for the last 6 months. It has come a long ways, with a long ways still to go. I am so happy to say that we have made great progress, and we're so close to our next step as a company.

Once we make this move we will have extended open hours... hopefully to help accommodate our current Clarksburg customers schedules, we still want to see you guys! This move will also come with a drive thru! Some other additions are being discussed, but is there anything you guys would like to see? Indoor/outdoor seating? Cakes and cupcakes? More menu items? Let me know what you think!

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